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Apr 08 2008

I got your back, actually your belt.

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I was doing some networking recently (exchanging ideas with another high volume mammoth dealer). The subject of belts arose. He picked my brain, testing me to see what I knew that he didn’t yet. So, I gave it right back to him and picked his brain. I kinda owed him some of my kewl mammoth tricks because of a few favors he had thrown my way lately. Anyway, I gained some technical data on some belts and stuff. So I ordered up some new belts for testing in my research and development mammoth shop. Bottom Line - I came away with a high quality replacement belt for the stock clutch set up. I had been concentrating on the HD clutch kits lately and have that pretty well covered for now. Not everyone is going to buy or install a HD clutch and therefore a great need is going to arise for a high quality replacement CVT belt. After 5 months, I have found it. The belt is a double cog style with the aramid core. You would not believe what ATV this belt actually is intended for. Anyway, I gained quite a bit of satisfaction knowing that I got your belt covered. Eventually you will need one. It’s the nature of the beast. Go ask any new Polaris Razr owner what spare parts he has on hand for his new 12K ride. Will the rain ever quit here? Expecting another 4-5 inches possible. I swear the Shawnee National Forest is about to become the Shawnee National RAIN Forest!

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