May 15 2008

How To Fix Over Heating Kazuma Mammoth 800

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I started to write this Kazuma Mammoth 800 over heating fix or solution many weeks ago. I have been taking technical support requests for over 5 years on some if not all of the Kazuma ATV products. I have probably fielded or answered over 500 calls or emails on the issue of Kazuma water-cooled engines over heating (the Kazuma gator or dingo 250s water cooled). Here is what I have learned over the years:

  1. Never rely on a gauge that does not have actual temperature readings. I mean NEVER.
  2. Replace or ADD another known good quality temperature gauge.
  3. Once you do the above two items—no more over heating issues!
  4. My Kazuma Mammoth has a dash-mounted digital readout computerized gauge cluster with temp sensor installed in the top radiator hose.
  5. The top radiator hose is hot coolant water being returned straight from the engine and into the radiator for cooling.
  6. My digital read outs are at 175 degrees when fan comes on and fan off at 165 degrees exactly.
  7. I have hit 190 maximum temperature at WOT pulling 1/2 mile steep hill loaded bed 500lbs.
  8. My computerized gauge stores the maximum values—push a button to see what highest temp, speed or RPM ever hit.

In closing—the myths surrounding adding a thermostat. Save your time, effort and money unless you just need to sleep better knowing your Mammoth 800 has a thermostat installed by you. I do not understand why someone wants to increase the temperature of their engine by installing a 190 thermostat and messing with the fan settings etc. If mine is fan on at 175 and fan off at 165 and engine temp never climbs above 190 degrees then, why mess with something that is NOT broke and NOT over heating. Buy a good quality temperature gauge instead. The farmers I grew up with were removing thermostats all the time when I was a kid and not installing thermostats???

The other myth that an engine will overheat because the coolant is not staying in the engine long enough because there is no thermostat installed to restrict coolant flow—–On paper or discussion that theory sounds good. But, its just a theory—show me the proof. Send me those test results.

One last thing, when I asked the owners of the Kazuma Gator 250s or the Dingo 250s about how they knew their water-cooled ATV was overheating they stated: “Because it burns my leg when I ride while wearing shorts and riding in the sand”. I told those ATV owners about #1 and #2 above and I never heard back from them.

A few Mammoth owners have called with the same. I just love asking , “How do you know its overheating or what temperature does the engine go to?”. They answer—”the fan runs and the needle is close or in the red”. AND again I tell them about #1 and #2 above and have never heard from them again. I guess that fixed their Mammoth over heating issues???

MORE–There is a resistor wire fix that plugs into your temperature gauge harness that will move your needle back into the normal operating range.  Use our contact page for more info.

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