May 15 2008

How To Fix Engine Miss in Kazuma Mammoth 800

Published by highrpmracer at 7:27 pm under Mammoth 800 Info

Does your Mammoth 800 sputter, try to start and just dies out again. We check for fuel problem first, and will hand feed the carb with either starting fluid or cup of gas. If it still runs bad and won’t take the hand feeding of fuel, then it is time to blame the electrical system. Do you have 12 volts at the coil? If it won’t run at all, probably should check voltage or test light probe first at the coil or even pull the coil wire from the distributor cap and place against engine to watch for spark while you crank the engine. Anyway, we have found that the little CDI or electronic ignition control inside of the distributor will die completely and there will be NO spark or the little devil will drop spark to 1 cylinder and cause very rough running if it will run at all. Replace the ignition module or distributor and presto—my mammoth runs again. For no voltage issues at the coil—usually bad ignition switch. We have seen them crank up and run until you let off the key and the engine dies immediately—-this is bad key switch.

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