Jun 02 2008

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The Kazuma Mammoth 800 order list is growing as Kazuma Factory scrambles to meet production. Worldwide demand is soaring as Mammoth Factory orders stream in from Australia, Africa and more.
The United States sales of Kazuma Mammoth 800s sky-rockets as powersports enthusiasts buy them as soon as they are unloaded from incoming shipping containers. Calls and emails are received everyday requesting applications for becoming a new Kazuma Dealer. More new Kazuma Dealers are being signed up and this is great to get this popular Mammoth of a machine distributed and available in more areas for test drives and tire kicking but these newly signed up Kazuma dealers can be a big problem for end users and Kazuma Support. Inexperienced new dealers do not have the customer service skills or resources (money) to handle warranty claims or technical support. This lack of dealer customer service experience and resources results in end users being pushed off on Kazuma Support or the end user is caught in the middle as a new dealer learns the ropes in dealing with the Chinese ATV Industry.

To obtain the best consumer experience when shopping the Chinese ATV or UTV Market, find out how long the dealer has been selling Kazuma products or Chinese products in general. The smart consumer will avoid the newly signed Dealers. Let someone else survive the learning curve time period that all newly signed dealers go through.

Many newly signed dealers fail to stock replacement or warranty parts relying on the factory to handle this difficult issue resulting in misundertandings and more. Savvy consumers will avoid this and take the time to located an established stocking parts dealer before purchasing that new unit.

Negative articles or postings are usually initiated by angry inexperienced dealers because of a warranty claim being partially or completely denied. You may contact us for any questions or concerns. Send us a message by using our contact page.

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