Nov 19 2008

Turbo Charged Kazuma Mammoth 800 Engine

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Turbo Charged Kazuma Mammoth 800 Engine

Yes, that is a 800cc Mammoth Engine all tricked out!  Several off-road vehicle companies are using the same 800cc engine in some of their toys.  Our friend Greg at Henderson Brothers Racing owns this buggy.  He manufacturers and sells the 800cc turbo charger kit that is very popular in the dunes.  Greg has earned the reputation as being the high-performance guru for the 800cc engine.  The very same engine that is in the Kazuma Mammoth 800.   Yes, we have traded some parts and everything used in the buggy engines is the same as used in the Mammoth 800 powerplant.  Greg says the bottom end of this engine is rock solid and that he spins his buggy up to highrpms all day long in the sand.  Hey Greg, where is our turbo kit for the Mammoth?

Rumor is that a 800cc turboed is a wicked ride.

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